Finding Funding

Where to find sources of funding

Search and identify
Learn how to access and navigate funding databases to streamline your search for grants. As a faculty member or enrolled graduate student, you have access to the WSU  Pivot subscription. WSU also publishes upcoming research and funding opportunities on The Informer.

Identify key words to help in your search.

PIVOT: Set up an account and search on PIVOT (formerly Community of Science – COS, now Proquest). The Office of Research Support and Operations (ORSO) in Pullman pays for a PIVOT subscription that is accessible to anyone with a WSU email account. It is a robust database of grant opportunities and you can save multiple searches based on your interests and have the system send you weekly updates based on the targeted criteria you set.

Contact the Vancouver Proposal Development Coordinator for assistance or questions. is a searchable database of federal grant funding opportunities and also has a lot of general information about the federal grant process, starting with Grants 101.

Greater Portland Pulse: A common foundation for regional collaboration and informed decision making by tracking the region’s social, economic, and environmental conditions.

WSU Foundation Private Grant Sponsors: If you are considering submission to a sponsor on this list, we will collaborate with the WSU Development office to coordinate your submission. In some cases, the Foundation may need to limit the number of proposals to a particular Foundation.

Working with Foundations and the WSU Development office – If your sponsor requires submission from a 501(c)3 organization, the proposal development support team will help  facilitate your submission through the Development office.

Limited Submissions: These are announcements that allow only a certain number of submissions from WSU. WSU maintains a list of opportunities on PIVOT that require an additional step prior to sponsor submission and has established a screening process to determine which researchers will be able to submit. If you are considering a limited submission, the internal WSU deadline will be well before the sponsor deadline, so please plan ahead.

Check the web sites of any professional organizations in your field or that you are affiliated with.

Another source for ideas of what organization might fund your research is the journal articles you read in your  discipline. What organization provided funding for the research cited in the journals you are reading? The source of funding is generally listed somewhere in the article.

Believe it or not, general web searches using your key words can sometimes help.